• Rapidly grow a community of your target audience

    Target your audience designation, Industry , hashtags & keywords

  • Show your authority

    Post relevant & engaging content with relevant hashtags. Stay on top of prospects mind with key posts

  • Enhance Engagement

    Engage with a laser focused audience - Prospects/ influencers. Enhance your engagement rate - Impressions vs engagement. (Target audience liking/commenting/sharing the posts) Get mentioned by your community.

  • Drive Social Traffic

    Personalize your message to your prospects directly. Drive your prospects to your landing page / website.

  • Cleanup & reporting

    Clean up fake profiles. Maintain follow/follower ratio. Monthly brand awareness report .

    • 30x Tweet Impressions
    • 18x Profile Visits & Mentions
    • 5x Increase in Targeted Followers

Twitter Growth Hack

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