What is Data Science and its Evolution

What is Data Science and its Evolution

 Data Science Techonlogies like Augmented Analytics, Autonomus things and  AI-Driven Developement have been identified as  the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 by Gartner

Data scientists saw a 56% increase in job openings in the US over the past year, according to LinkedIn”,as published by Tech Republic.

With so much of buzz around “Data Science” , the thought of “What is data science?” and “How it all began?” might have crossed your minds.

In layman’s terms data science is extracting knowledge from large volumes of data, that can provide us with meaningful insights ,which  we use to make predictions, decisions . These outcomes can then be utilized to improve our business by knowing where to invest, whom to target, reduce the turnaround time, better customer support and satisfaction, provide technologically advanced features and many more.

It is interesting to know the 4 stages of data science and how it all evolved over the years .From using “Datato draw reports to intelligent systems with powerful   “Data Analytics “ to get automated decisions.

Which stage of Data Science are you in ?

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