• Create a powerful network of prospects

    Get connected to conference speakers / attendees at scale via LinkedIn & Twitter growth hacks, Develop a highly relevant network of prospects.

  • Stay on Top of mind of your prospects

    Engaging posts - Pre-Event, During Event & Post-Event engaging banners. E-mail marketing to targeted list. Brand monitoring - Monitor news coverage of your brand during the event . Use the coverage for generating brand awareness

  • Convert Speakers / Attendees into Leads & Boost Sales

    Convert speakers/attendees into leads via personalized pitches (Video Invite / Invite Card / Personalized messages) via LinkedIn & Twitter. Book appointments with key speakers / attendees. Quickly capture & report lead details. Handover of leads to Sales team.

    • Events Growth hacked across India, Singapore, Africa, France, USA & more
    • 120+ quality B2B leads generated across events, Avg. of 6 quality leads per event
    • Leads persona : Speakers / CXOs / Decision makers

Key Events that we Growth Hacked

Event Growth Hack

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